This intercultural workshop brought together students from Germany and Greece to create a project in a modern and global way that unites their styles and different ways of thinking in the design process.

At the beginning of the workshop, a visit and photo session in Exarchia, Athens's trendy subculture neighborhood, let us learn more about Street Art. Since the topic included ”Collective Identity," the warm-up phase also included an assessment quiz for finding commonalities within the German-Greek teams. The challenge of this intercultural workshop was to combine shared identities of students in each team with the medium Street Art.

After students became acquainted with the complex topic, they chose one of the following team identities:

  • Intercultural start-up design agency
  • community/activist group
  • fantasy group from gaming or fiction

or any other identity of their choice

The outcome of this workshop was deliberately open to allow creativity by students to create unique intercultural design work.




Workshop Participants from Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Program Digital Media, Germany
Celine Vivienne Benachour (4th sem.)
Jan Büttner (4th sem.)
Lea Helferich (4th sem.)
Jan Herok (4th sem.)
Nathalie Hochholzer (6th sem.)
Michael Lehnhardt (4th sem.)
Robin Muster (4th sem.)
Zoi Panteliadou (4th sem.)
Josh Schlaier (4th sem.)
Samantha Schraag (4th sem.)
Tina Schradin (4th sem.)

Team 1
Jan Herok
Team 2
Tina Schradin
Team 4
Celine Benachour
Team 4
Michael Lenhardt
Team 3
Zoi Panteliadou
Team 3
Jan Büttner
Team 1
Nathalie Hochholzer
Team 2
Robin Muster
Team 5
Samantha Schraag
Team 5
Josh Schlaier

Workshop Participants from University of West Attica, Athens, Greece
Maria Bizimi (6th sem.)
Alexander von Eickstedt (8th sem.)
Vivian Kalomiri (6th sem.)
Ioannis Katsibras (8th sem.)
Karolina Knapik (6th sem.)
Lydia Papaconstantinou (8th sem.)
Angeliki Papaioannou (4th sem.)
Evanthia Papakosma (6th sem.)
Nikoleta Tourlouki (4th sem.)

Team 1
Maria Bizimi
Team 2
Vivian Kalomiri
Team 2
Angeliki Papaioannou
Team 3
Evanthia Papakosma
Team 3
Karolin Knapik
Team 3
Alexander Eickstedt
Team 5
Lydia Papaconst.
Team 1
Despoina Sidirop.
Team 1
Ioannis Katsimpras
Team 2
Nikoleta Tourlouki


Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Prof. Susanne P. Radtke

University of West Attica, Athens, Greece
Prof. Dr. Eleni Mouri
Prof. Dr. Spyros Siakas

Guest lecturer
Lewis Nightingale, San Francisco

Guest speakers: Joshua Olsthoorn and Kostas Vlachakis
Typical Organization, Athens